Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences

In the class Hunter Seat “Equitation over Fences” participants are judged on their riding position, ability, style, strategy, and consistency while negotiating a course of jumps. Judges evaluate the smoothness, flow and how well the rider and horse appears to make their round seem effortless.

The course may prove to be more challenging than a typical working hunter course as in addition to the jumps, there may be sharp turns, or the rider may be asked to trot in a fence

In NCAA/NCEA Hunter Seat Equitation over Fences there is one level of competition: Open.  In IHSA Hunter Seat Equitation over Fences there are three levels of competition: Novice, Intermediate and Open.

In NCEA format one rider from each school will ride the same horse over an identical course.  In IHSA format horses are drawn randomly and each rider will ride a different horse over the identical course.

For those of you whom have competed in IEA, IEA runs similar to an IHSA format, NCEA format is unique to the NCEA.

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