Hunt Seat Equitation Flat

Hunter Seat on the Flat is a classic form of English riding using the style of the forward seat. The term “Hunter Seat” is based on the tradition of fox hunting and allows the horse more freedom of movement as the rider’s weight is carried in a more forward position and slightly off the horse’s back

In the NCAA/NCEA format riders have to perform a flat test on their horses in a 40 x 20 meter arena. The test consists of nine movements to be judged on accuracy, smoothness and overall position of the rider.

NCEA Hunter Seat on the Flat competition there is one level of competition: Open.

See the NCEA manual for more detailed information. ?? link or resident PDF which needs updating

In IHSA Hunter Seat competition riders may choose to ride in a flat class, over fences class, or both. IIn IHSA Hunter Seat On the Flat competition competition riders are judged in a group flat class and there are six levels of competition: Walk-trot; Beginner; Advanced walk-trot-canter; Novice; Intermediate; Open.

See IHSA manual for more detailed information ?? link or resident PDF which needs updating

In both NCEA and IHSA Riders are judged on their equitation. Equitation Judging emphasizes the ability maintain the correct riding position and control of the horse with the subtle use of aids.