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Collegiate equestrian programs allow students the opportunity to compete in events and introduce newcomers to the horse world. Most collegiate programs thrive on donated horses because they may lack the needed budget to purchase the animals.  If you are interested or have any questions related to potentially donating a horse, please give us a call.

We are looking forward to helping you find a collegiate home for your horse!

Great on the flat both in the ring and on trails. Trailers and loves going off property for trail rides and hunter paces.  Currently used in the school program for both kids and adults.  They all love her!  Lots of personality and absolutely loves attention.   Has arthritis which is manageable with supplements and consistent work but will not vet 100% .  Is sound for flat work, low level dressage and trail riding. A star in IEA shows.  Ridden by advanced beginners all the way up to advanced riders.  Very flexible in who can ride her.  Video at the following links shows trot and canter in both directions.  At the beginning of a ride she comes out a little stiff (as you can see in the video) but works out of it as she moves.

Emma Sellers
Located in Massachussets

Bunny is a 10 year old 16.1 hand “G” line Hanoverian/Thoroughbred Cross.  She is a big-boned mare and is quite large for her height.  She is an easy keeper.  She has been described as “a tank”, “couldn’t kill her”, “built for breeding”, etc. by various trainers.  She doesn’t require hock injections, supplements, special feed, etc. and is the most low-maintenance horse we’ve ever owned from a health standpoint.  No vices.  She stands for the ferrier and gets clipped with no drugs required.  Bunny has recently been changed to “barefoot” and her hooves are still great.  She has also recently moved to pasture board, which she prefers over stall boarding.  If Bunny is to be stall boarded, she’s a much happier horse with lots of turnout and space to run off some energy.
Bunny has been successfully competed in Level III jumpers, but is physically capable of going MUCH higher.  She requires a confident and experienced rider in the Jumper Ring, but can be a performer there with the right rider.  Bunny does not like the Hunter ring, except for flat classes.  Bunny is a much easier ride on the flat and shows talent for Dressage or Reining (go figure, a Western warmblood!)  She is powerful, but a very “floaty” and “10” mover while flatting.  She goes in an English, Dressage, or Western saddle and will go around on a loopy rein or collect nicely when asked.  Dressage seems to be her forte, but surprisingly she likes Western also.
Bunny is also an excellent brood mare prospect.  She has very good bloodlines and she is an old-style European warmblood-looking kind of mare.   It appears that she has never been bred, but given her health and conformation she should be an easy mare to breed, keep in foal, and will produce large, healthy foals.
Brenda Sherwood

Stay’N Round
Foaled in 1990, Stay’N Round is a 16.1 hand Canadian Thoroughbred mare. Barn name Diva.  Bay with white blaze. Imported from British Columbia, Canada in 1998, she is registered with The Jockey Club of Canada and Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society. Pedigree available upon request. Won her maiden race in Canada as a 3 year old. Super fit and an EZ keeper,clips, ties, trailers, trails. Great bloodlines. Possible broodmare. In full riding program or private party.
Any questions? Jane Kennedy email: JaneLKennedy@Hotmail.com Or her trainer, Lisa 818 371-2051

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