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Equestrian College Search: Finding Your Tribe

Equestrian College Search: Finding Your Tribe

September 27, 2020 0 College Search

What is the whole point of your college search and of using this website?  Ultimately, the answer is simple, you are trying to find your (future) tribe.  You are trying to find that perfect fit of a group and college that makes your heart sing with happiness that you have found your “people”. 

There are a lot of factors in picking a school where you will ultimately find your tribe – it can seem overwhelming. Let’s face it – it IS overwhelming with so many choices out there.

Finding an Equestrian College Team with Equestrian College Recruiter
Photo by Jerry Mohme

Let’s take it one step at a time and learn more about all of your options and give you the information that will help you start making a short list of schools and equestrian programs that just might fit the bill.  Your dream school.  Your dream tribe.  Let’s just start…

How do I start finding my tribe?

There are two parts to finding your tribe – you need to do your homework and identify where you think you might find just the right spot for you.  Secondly, you need to introduce yourself to them make it be known to them. That “Hey, I want to be part of your group!”—that’s where ECR (equestriancollegerecruiter.com) comes in to help with both sides of that equation! 

We provide you with a ton of information about schools that offer many types of equestrian programs so you can narrow down and select what colleges might be of interest to you – i.e. where you might find your tribe. 

And secondly, we give you the platform to create your very own unique profile that showcases who you are (as a rider and a person) to all of the schools – they can get to know you through the info you provide on ECR!  You get to find out about them and they get to find out about you….that’s how it’s going to work here on ECR to help you make the perfect match for college!

Start searching for your equestrian college team as early as your sophomore year in high school
Photo by Jerry Mohme Photography

When do I start looking for my tribe?

The answer is easy on this one – as early as possible in your high school career.  Sophomore year is an especially good time to get the ball rolling in your college search.  Start building a profile for yourself during your sophomore year – one of the biggest mistakes is starting too late! 

Don’t wait until your senior year in high school to begin the process, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position – don’t play catch up, start early! 

Did you know that in typical years, NCAA teams can start contacting recruits the summer after their sophomore year?  How do they know who to contact?  Obviously, they have been tracking recruits their freshman and sophomore years to start to know who they are interested in by the summer after their sophomore year! 

Be proactive, start a profile for yourself ASAP here at ECR in high school and have it available to all of the coaches to view.  We will talk a lot more about this in future blog posts but don’t let time slip away from you. 

Start now.

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