ANRC – American National Riding Commission

What is the ANRC?

The American National Riding Commission, Inc. (ANRC) was established in 2006 to continue the goals and activities of the Affiliated National Riding Commission, which existed as part of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) for more that 60 years. The original purpose was to initiate a standardized method to educate riders in hunt seat equitation and to create a “Rider Certification” system to assess riding ability and knowledge of riding theory. ANRC continues to support these goals with competitions, clinics, and distribution of educational materials.

ANRC’s educational system is based on the teachings of Captain Vladimir Littauer, a Russian who came to the United States in the thirties and established a riding school. His progressive riding system has influenced many professional riders and trainers, including Jane Dillon, George Morris, Joe Fargis, Lendon Gray, Pam Baker and Bernie Traurig.


Equitrials ( two or three-phase competitions) offer levels 1-3, ranging from 2’6″-3′ courses. Includes program ride, hunter trial equitation and hunter seat equitation course.

National Championship

Run at the Intermediate Level ( approximately 3′ fences). Team and individual competitions; consists of a written phase, a program ride using USEF Tests 1-19, 3′ hunter trials equitation on
an outside course and a 3′ hunter seat equitation course in the ring.

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