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Client Testimonials

“Mike and Bridget – Just wanted you to know that St. Andrews got Jake.  I drove down to Green Cove Springs and met Brittany and her mom and watched Jake work.  He came up to St. Andrews two weeks ago for a trial period and he has been wonderful!  We are thrilled to have him in our dressage program and Brittany and her mom seem very happy with his new home.  Thank you so much for letting us know about him and for providing this service for owners and for colleges!” – Peggy McElveen, St. Andrews Presbyterian College Equestrian Director

“I just wanted to give you a much appreciated thank you, for helping me find the college with which I will be attending this all, Converse. Converse is an amazing school where I know am I going to feel right at home while also getting a great education. Then on top of all that, I will be able to do what I love most while also attending school, and that’s being able to ride at the college level on the Converse Equestrian team.  Something I’ve only ever dreamed of but thanks to you, it has come true.  Once again thank you.” – Mattie Martin

“Thanks for all of your help arranging the donation of Trademark to Judson College. He is fabulous and we love him already!” – Jennifer Hoggle, Judson College-Equine Department Director

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exposure your website, equestriancollegerecruiter.com, has given me.  The site has allowed me to showcase my skills and be seen by Converse College in South Carolina.  Without it, I would not have had the chance to meet and speak with them and schedule a weekend to ride in front of their coaches.  I will keep you updated as to what happens!” – Ashlee Rioux

“As equestrian program director for Converse College, I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping us launch and grow a competitive equestrian team.  Your rider profiles are a great way to find prospective students who will be a good match for Converse College.  We look forward to continued effective collaboration with your web site.” – Sally Frick

“Dear Mike and Bridget, Thank you for all of your assistance with the donation of Stella. She is a wonderful horse and the cadets love her. Your website has been very helpful and I look forward to working with you in the future.” – Nick Caputo, Director of Horsemanship Valley Forge Military Academy & College

“Dear Mike and Bridget, Sewanee is thrilled to be a part of this fantastic web site!  I enjoyed hearing about how it all started and think you are on to something great.  With so many prospective student riders out there and many colleges and universities to choose from, this is a great tool to help bring them together so that riders can find the right school and riding program.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future! Thank you!” – Megan Taylor, Director of Riding & Head Coach – Sewanee Equestrian Team, Sewanee:  The University of the South

“Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for helping us find such a wonderful donation horse.  Oliver is perfect and his owner was a joy to deal with.  Your web site is a fantastic tool for bringing teams and people together! Thanks again!” – Joyce Northup, Oneonta State Equestrian Team Coach

“Up until late last year I didn’t think I wanted to go to college. I was half way through my senior year, and I had absolutely no plan. I had filled out my applications and what not to various schools, but there was nothing really drawing me in. One day a good friend of mine, Bridget Imparato, told me about a site that I could post videos and a profile of my riding career on to help schools with riding teams find me. So I posted my profile on equestriancollegerecruiter.com and within a month I had schools contacting me about being on their teams. When I realized that I could continue to ride and show while at school I became open to the idea of going to college  Thanks to equestriancollegerecruiter.com I have been asked to consider participating on many NCAA riding teams such as Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and the University of Tennessee Martin. The equestrian college recruiting site is great, and has opened many doors to my future.” – Staisha Bejarano, Sarasota, Fl

“Hi Bridget, I wanted to let you know that Ripple has settled in wonderfully and we just adore him! We’ve used him in a couple of team lessons and he’s been a real gentleman and is such a happy little guy! We appreciate all your  help with this donation.  I was first made aware of your web site and the potential donation of Ripple through an email you sent out to the IHSA coaches. The site is really well put together and I think you are doing a great service. Keep up the good work!  I know the UNC Equestrian Team will continue to monitor your web site for future donation options. Thanks again for all your help!” – Sara Hamilton-Conversano UNC Equestrian Team Coach Quail Roost Farm, Inc.

“Michael, just checked out the new dressage page. Looks great!! Will be sending you some more photos soon. Thanks-you guys are doing a fantastic job with this website.”- Ginger Henderson, Averett University

“This site is great it will really make putting teams together much easier for everyone.  I’m really excited about it.  If you need any help with Dressage I’m the President of Region O of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association and could answer questions or at least pass them on to our national president Beth. Good luck!” – Katie Andrus, Washington State University Cougars

“Hi, Bridget, thanks for sending this website info along.  I will sure check into it!  This is a great service to students and coaches alike. ” – Anne Brzezicki, Director of Equine Laboratories, Equestrian Team Coach Middle Tennesee State University

“Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, summer has been busier than school so far! I would be happy to include a link to recruiting web-site on ours.  I don’t personally know how to do this, but my student that is in charge of the wed-site will be in this weekend so hopefully she can get it done while she is here.  The web site is really looking good! Thanks!” – Emily Costello, Truman State University Equestrian Team Coach and Horsemanship Instructor

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