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In today’s exciting world of collegiate equestrian, the college recruitment process starts earlier and earlier and is becoming more competitive than ever! Sound strategies and the proper preparation are imperative for success, it is vital for prospects to stand out and get on coaches’ radar. Ideally, the student would start establishing their collegiate resume in Freshman year of high school and creating college coach relationships and connections even before their junior year in high school.

At Equestrian College Recruiter, our foremost objective is to assist students and their families in establishing key relationships and to help them market their equestrian, academic, and interpersonal skills. We provide tools and resources to help narrow down and select schools that are a great fit athletically, intellectually, and socially, as well as help provide exposure to highlight and showcase the student’s distinct talents and accomplishments.

As aspiring students, parents and their trainers trudge through the complex college selection process, they find it can be an emotional, time consuming process, and that the information regarding a college’s program offerings can be overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes even conflicting. Trying to understand the requirements, what is needed for the application, the best types of supporting materials and just figuring out how to get the proper exposure is extremely stressful.

The key to a successful college selection process is to efficiently and effectively expose the student to the colleges that will most appropriately continue to develop the student’s unique skills, and present the best prospects for the future. Equestrian College Recruiter offers expert services that are specific to aspiring equestrians and their parents. Our vast network of resources will create introductions, help students become notable, and facilitate opportunities for them to showcase their talents to the colleges of their choice.

Equestrian College Recruiter recognizes that while each student has questions that are unique to their own needs and objectives, the answers to many questions can be found on our FAQs page.  Questions include:

  • What is the college equestrian riding experience all about?
  • Which schools have equestrian teams and offer scholarships?
  • How do I create the most effective recruitment videos and resumes?

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